• Paperback version of A is for Angelica

A is for Angelica

My debut novel, available now from all sensible book shops and online retailers.

‘A brilliant, dark comedy with beautiful moments of pathos.’ Nathan Filer, Costa Prize Winner 2013

‘A first novel that confidently moves from dark comedy that’s genuinely funny to even darker despair that grows from moving to harrowing… really impressive’ The Daily Mail

‘An oddly addictive and often hilarious read… Presented in uncomplicated, unembellished prose, this is a brilliant and adeptly written debut novel, loaded with poignancy and feeling.’ Time Out

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What the heck is A is for Angelica all about? Well. Lots of things.

There are many ways to tell people what your book is about. Some people go for moody dramatisations while others choose selected quotes and abstract imagery. I went for a list. A simple list of what to expect.

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