Author envy, vlogger envy

In my latest vlog, I talk about how sometimes every other author (Hilary Mantel) seems to get all the prizes and awards and shiny things while you’re covered in double baby sick. And how that’s very much like constantly counting your YouTube and web statistics.
If you’re reading via RSS or email, you can watch the video on YouTube right here.

3 Comments 26 April 2013 Reply

Iain, this is hilarious—and so true. And I know all about the “double baby sick,” having twins myself. Will share this! 27 April 2013 Reply

Thanks Suzannah. So much sick. So much. 27 April 2013 Reply

The definition of helplessness: having one twin on the change table, diaper half off and poop everywhere, and the other twin clear across the room choking on a piece of paper and vomiting all over herself. Makes you even more grateful for any peaceful writing time you can scrape together!

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