A lack of slack

When I was a teenager, my mum would often yell at me, ‘Don’t run upstairs like a bloody elephant!’ She said that I would ‘come through the ceiling’. I knew this to be nonsense and so ignored her. For twenty-something years I was right to do so, but then two Mondays ago I went and […]

How to start a book group

Ever been in a public house and watched a table full of seriously cool people talking about books and thought, “Man, they look seriously cool. I would like to be one those people.”? Well, I did. And now I am. My long-time pal and former co-English degree taker Hannah asked me to be part of […]

This is the year

It’s been more than six years since my debut novel was published. That’s a long time. So many things have happened to me since then and though there have been challenges, most of those things are good. I’ve had three children, moved house, changed jobs several times and ended up starting and running a successful […]

This from the writing shed

My newsletter is back. Starting up again. Here’s issue one. It’s not called Shelflife anymore, almost entirely because there are 1,000,000 other things in the world called Shelflife. I know this because I have counted. And tried to buy domain names. Instead it’s called This from the writing shed, almost entirely because I have a […]

Deleting Twitter

I’m going to give myself a Twitter break for at least two weeks. In doing so, I realise I join a long list of people who have left Twitter to recover some sort of sanity. The endless stream of news and nonsense has finally got to me and this seems like a good time to […]