An update on what the heck is going on

You may have noticed that I’ve not been updating the site as much recently, and that things have generally gone a bit quiet since I announced my book deal for A is for Angelica. It’s partly because I’ve been working hard on editing the novel, fussing over details and thinking about how I’m going to […]

You do other things when you’re not on the internet

So I’ve been working on my novel over the last month or so, which has meant that I’ve had less time for blogging, tweeting and other internet-based affairs. The first few days I felt an acute sense of hey, who cares? I can do what I want. Look at me. I’m free! Then a week […]

Book marketing for beginners: say something

I was at the opticians the other day (I’ve been trying to get contact lenses sorted, but my stupid eyes don’t seem to be compatible. It’s extremely annoying. Are they supposed to be a bit itchy? A bit uncomfortable? Answers in the comments are welcome.) when something struck me. As in a thought. A sensible […]

Why writers need to be ready for and willing to change

As I’m busy working on edits to my novel, I thought I’d record a quick video about the idea of change when it comes to writing. We all like to plan for things and it’s certainly sensible to have a good idea of what you’re doing and where you’re heading. But things aren’t always that […]

What are you trying to achieve with your novel?

Since my announcement last week, I’ve been going through old drafts of A is for Angelica and making final edits on the novel before publication. It’s made for fascinating reading. For example, I wrote the following commentary as part of my final submission for my MA Writing. My novel would have been complete, but only […]