#2: Copywriting versus creative writing

Part one sees us talk about the terrible tussle faced by those writers who try to combine a copywriting career with literary ambition. The two of us agree, then disagree, and then I go through a little unintended writerly therapy. Everything turns out fine in the end. In part two (18:53) we talk about a couple of posts from other blogs. We reveal our worst writing distractions to follow up on 7 Writing Distractions I’m Kissing Goodbye, which featured on Fuel Your Writing (which I shamefully refer to as Fuel My Writing - sorry!) and was written by Suzannah from Write it Sideways.

We then talk about whether writers should blog every day, following Bubblecow's assertion that we definitely should.

Finally, in part three (28:40) I talk about the future of Write for Your Life and how you can contribute, either to the podcast or by writing a guest article.

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