#13: Don't be scared to change direction

In this episode of the podcast, I'm joined by the marvellous Manuela Boyle to talk about the challenges that come when you have to change direction with your writing. Sometimes we do it by choice, sometimes it's forced upon us, either way it's a daunting process. In the 'Our favourite things' slot, I go for a fantastic new book penned by internet pal and all-round good egg, Patrick Rhone. It's called Keeping It Straight and covers all sorts of topics, including Patrick's own life (an interesting one he's led too) as well as some great technical tips, like how to organise your RSS feeds better and how to get rid of some techno-clutter.

There's also some fantastic advice for writers in there too. I read aloud a short extract in the podcast actually - the book's well worth your money for those writing essays alone. In fact, I'm going to do a link post about it right now.

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Show notes

Patrick Rhone Keeping It Straight - Patrick Rhone Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts

Note: Some teething troubles with my new microphone means there's a bit of a crackle in this episode. Stick with it though, there's some good stuff and it's perfectly listenable to. Promise.