#4: Glassesgate, green publishing and defending literary agents

Hooray - the podcast is back! With Manuela away on business, I decided to take to the mic and record a short podcast about what's been going on in the publishing industry and stuff like that. I start with the incredible scenes at Jonathan Franzen's book launch, where some crafty punter pinched his specs and ran like the wind. All very amusing, but was the coverage of the incident a bit much?

Then I move on to e-readers and whether they are more environmentally friendly than good ol' printed books. I make a comparison with the evolution of the iPod, with the help of this great article by Leo Hickman in the Guardian.

Finally, armed with the words of Philip Goldberg writing in The Huffington Post, I defend the role of literary agents, editors and other publishing types who have a hand in getting a book to print.

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Unbelievably, I recorded this whole thing with all my fancy equipment only to find that I hadn't plugged it in to the computer. What. A. Nit. The good news is my computer's microphone still picked up my ramblings. The bad news is the sound quality is nowhere near as good as it would have been with ALL MY FANCY EQUIPMENT. Pah. Sorry.