#14: Large writing projects, Olympic poetry and Unbound

The Write for Your Life podcast returns as I'm joined once again by Manuela Boyle for a good old writing-related natter. First we talk about what it's like to start a new, large-scale writing project. To be fair, it kind of turns into me talking about starting my second novel. Hopefully, you'll find it interesting and useful. Next up, Manuela covers the recent announcement that there will be a poetry festival attached to the Olympics in London next year. It's an interesting idea, especially if done correctly and in schools and communities across the world. Finally, we look at a new site/project/publishing venture called Unbound. It's great to see this sort of innovation and we'll be keeping tabs on its progress over the coming months.

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Show notes

UK's largest ever poetry festival planned for Olympics Unbound (check out the video on the homepage for a quick overview)