#8: Libraries (our wonderful libraries) and the best rejection letter ever

On this week's podcast I'm joined by Kathryn White, widely published children's author whose books include Here Comes The Crocodile and Ruby's School Walk. We talk about the situation here in the UK, where great swathes of our wonderful libraries are faced with closure due to funding cuts. Kathryn has been heavily involved with the campaign to save our libraries, to try and prevent the many library closures in her home county, Somerset. I've included some links below for more information on the things we talked about in the podcast.

Finally, as my favourite thing this week, I chose a truly incredible rejection letter that was sent to Gertrude Stein. And we writers think we have it tough these days? Pah!

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Show notes

Kathryn White's website Map of library closures in the UK (this is incredible) Hands off our libraries | The Guardian We Love Libraries campaign and video (starring Kathryn) The best rejection letter ever?