#9: Being a writer, being a brand

Earlier this month I wrote an article about how to behave online if you're a writer, in which I came up with three principles to follow. In this podcast, me and Manuela Boyle look at the topic of personal branding in more detail. I think you'll find it an interesting listen. Apart from establishing a topic, we never talk about what each other is going to say in these podcasts, and here we seem to have slightly different points of view on the branding issue.

It's a tricky one. Should writers follow my principles and always try to be on their best behaviour? Or is that a pretty boring way to approach the world? Is there room for the odd maverick in the crowded social media house? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, in our regular feature - Our favourite things... - we cover the upcoming World Book Night and talk about a recent post by marvellous publisher of ebooks, Enhanced Editions. check out the show notes below for links.

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Show notes

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