#3: Reading at and setting up a spoken word event

I've talked before on Write for Your Life about how important I think it is to perform your writing. There are loads of benefits that can genuinely make a difference to your work. Me and a group of colleagues, including co-host Manuela Boyle and Justine Gaubert from the wonderful Silent Sheffield, set up a spoken word night called Words Aloud in 2006. In part one of this podcast we talk about our experience of performing at and setting up a spoken word night. If you've considered doing either of those things, you should find our chit-chat pretty useful.

In part two I talk (via Skype, hence the change in audio quality!) to Donna Sørensen from the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin. After years of relative neglect, a group of volunteers have got the centre up and running wonderfully again, despite missing out on arts funding. Their story is an important one in these times of financial woe. Check out their blog too.

Finally, in part three, I'm back with Manuela to offer our thoughts on a post over at Peter Shallard's website, called 7 Pshycological Tips for Getting in the Writing Zone. We get a little silly.

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The volume levels are a little up and down during my interview with Donna and on the odd occasion me and Manuela get excited and move either towards or away from the microphone. We are learning as we go, so do bear with us. Also, at the start of part two, I refer to having just listened to the end of part two. I meant part one. I'm a podnit.