#15: Getting funky with rhythm and prose

Hooray - the podcast is back again! Sadly, no Manuela this week, so you're stuck with me on a solo mission to tell the world about rhythm and meter and how they have as much to do with prose and fiction as they do poetry. I even read an extract from my novel. Can you imagine? I know, it's exciting stuff. Seriously though, I reckon rhythm is what separates the wheat from the writerly chaff, so have a listen and tell me if you agree. I also talk about the suspension of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize for 2011, and Ben Johncock's fabulous attempt to get us all crowdfunding. [mejsaudio src="http://writeforyourlife.buzzsprout.com/519/27788-15-getting-funky-with-rhythm-and-prose.mp3"]

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