Shelflife Club

This week I launched Shelflife Club, a membership scheme for writers, readers and other creative types.

It’s an extension of the Shelflife newsletter and a chance for subscribers (or anyone, really) to support the work that goes into putting it together. And get some cool stuff in return.

That cool stuff includes:

  • Shelflife Quotebook – a regularly-updated directory of quotes from and links to great articles from around the web.
  • Shelflife Feedly Collection – access to the roughly 50 blogs and websites that I subscribe to via Feedly.
  • Members-only podcast – a one-man show where I talk about writing, publishing, books and whatnot.
  • Shelflife Goody Bag – a mystery bag of literary tricks that includes audio stories, reading lists, templates and more.

If any of that takes your fancy or if you just want to support my writing, Shelflife Club costs $2 a month or $20 for a year.

And if you aren’t yet subscribed to the newsletter, you can do that too for absolutely nothing. It’s full of great stuff for creative folk, especially writers.