#5: The iPad for writers - how it feels, why I recommend it and the applications I use

In this podcast I talk about what it's like to write with an iPad. It's not a review by any stretch, more a writer's eye view of using this new and exciting piece of technology. And it is exciting, you know. Most of the talk at the moment is about the e-revolution in the publishing industry and the effect of the iPad (and more so the Kindle, actually) on how people read books.

But I want to look at what the iPad means for writers. Most people initially saw it as a device for consumption, but I always thought that there had to be more to it than that.

As I said in a recent piece I did for Shawn Blanc, all you need is a blank screen and a keyboard. I believe that's what the iPad provides and more.

So do have a listen and let me know what you think. I've split the podcast up into three sections to try and help you navigate my ramblings:

  1. What's it physically like to write with an iPad?
  2. What are the main benefits of using an iPad?
  3. What applications do I use?

On a techno-note, there seems to be a small gap in audio two thirds in. It only last a second or two, but many apologies. My mistake I'm afraid - I'm much better at editing words than audio!

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Show notes

I refer to a number of things in this podcast, including applications that have been described and reviewed extremely well elsewhere. Here's some links to help you make your iPad-related decisions.

Apps and accessories

Compass from Twelve South Simplenote PlainText DropBox


iPad apps for writers All you need is Simplenote PlainText is my preferred iPad text editor The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide