#6: Writing and place, famous writers’ pubs and hate mail

The Write for Your Life podcast is back! That's right, after another hiatus, we've taken to the airwaves once more with a brand new format that we hope will fit nicely into those 10-15 minute tea breaks. Or coffee. Cigarettes. Whatever. With articles musing on the writing process and video episodes that look more at what it's like to be a writer, we're going to make the podcast a more informal affair. And the more we do it, the better it should get (though obviously, it's already complete brillopads).

The idea is to pick a theme, ponder over it for a while, then hit record and share our thoughts. In this first episode (for a while) I'm joined by the marvellous Manuela Boyle and the theme is place. Interestingly, we both come at the subject from opposite directions, which is kind of cool.

Lastly, once we've covered our theme, we have 'My favourite thing...', where we each choose something we've recently seen, read or experienced and want to share. And that's it. Short and sweet!

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Show notes

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