Some habits for 2018

Last year, the title of this new year post was ‘Some goals for 2017’. This year I’ve replaced the word goals with habits as they are far more meaningful. If I form certain habits, I will achieve certain goals. It makes far more sense. I’ll use the same categories though. Here we go. Work When […]

All the time and often

I ran a workshop last week where I asked participants to choose words that they felt summed up their attitude towards technology. The words they chose were overwhelmingly negative. I was a bit surprised. In the follow-up activity, I asked the same people to say how often they used technology. They had a scale with […]


A few days before the EU referendum vote, someone close to me said that they were probably going to vote Leave. I was flabbergasted. First, I could see no logical reason for it. They were intelligent, comfortably middle class, apparently liberal-minded and entirely unaffected by immigration. There was no protest to be had. When pressed, […]

Albums to write to

Sometimes I write in silence but most of the time, I listen to music. Songs with vocals and actual words tend to be more difficult to write to, but it depends on how I’m feeling. My list here contains a good mix of albums that I turn to often when I’m writing. Some have been […]


Last weekend, I found myself at a grubby reclamation yard. Not in a revelatory, momentous, personal kind of way. I simply mean I was there. In person. At the reclamation yard. This is important because I was there with my wife and not my children, who are beautiful, all-encompassing creatures who fill my days with […]

Christmas champions

First of all, happy new year. I hope you’re making plenty of exciting plans and working out how you’re going to put them into action. I know that’s what I’ve been doing. One plan I have for 2015 is to start sharing more of what I make and write. Inspired by one of my favourite […]

Writing and wellness

Last month, I answered some questions about writing and wellness as part of Colleen Story’s interview series with authors. You can read the interview right here on her site. I have to say, the process got me thinking. Writing and wellness. Not two words you’d necessarily put together. Apart from a little back pain and […]

Relay FM

My friend and former podcasting co-host, Myke Hurley, has started telling people about his new podcast network, Relay FM: Relay FM is an independent podcast network for people who are creative, curious and maybe even a little obsessive — just like its hosts. Myke is very much like a writer of fiction. Over the last […]