How to Kickstart your book project

Interesting post by Phil Simon over at Men with Pens, although I’m not really sure why the first half is spent berating traditional publishing. It’s really not true that all editors want to take your work and turn it into something else. Anyway, the rest of the post is a very interesting take on Kickstarter, […]

Fiction is fiction

Some good advice in this list (you don’t have to be Egyptian). My favourite ‘rule’ comes from the Orange prize longlisted, Leila Aboulela: Never worry that readers will think that your characters are you. Once you start to care, you are self-censoring. That’s an interesting way of looking at it. I’ve had plenty of people […]

Write well and with humility

Catherine Ryan Howard guest posting on Taleist: Amazon is effectively the adults’ table, and we self-publishers have been allowed to join. (And yes, I’m using the word allowed, because Amazon is a privately owned business who can sell what they want, not a democracy.) But the stunning success of a very few has imbued some […]