Albums to write to

Sometimes I write in silence but most of the time, I listen to music. Songs with vocals and actual words tend to be more difficult to write to, but it depends on how I’m feeling. My list here contains a good mix of albums that I turn to often when I’m writing. Some have been […]


Last weekend, I found myself at a grubby reclamation yard. Not in a revelatory, momentous, personal kind of way. I simply mean I was there. In person. At the reclamation yard. This is important because I was there with my wife and not my children, who are beautiful, all-encompassing creatures who fill my days with […]

Christmas champions

First of all, happy new year. I hope you’re making plenty of exciting plans and working out how you’re going to put them into action. I know that’s what I’ve been doing. One plan I have for 2015 is to start sharing more of what I make and write. Inspired by one of my favourite […]

Writing and wellness

Last month, I answered some questions about writing and wellness as part of Colleen Story’s interview series with authors. You can read the interview right here on her site. I have to say, the process got me thinking. Writing and wellness. Not two words you’d necessarily put together. Apart from a little back pain and […]