Finding a new kind of normal

The last two years have been a time of huge change in my life. Those of you who listen to the podcast or follow me on Twitter will know that most of it has been absorbed and illuminated by Seth and Jasper, my twin boys, now 18 months old. I hope that from the snippets […]

To opt out is to ignore

Kate Taylor writing in The Globe and Mail on The Independent’s decision to not review books that are targeted at one gender: If you don’t ever review the Thea Stilton series, a pink-covered spinoff from the successful Geronimo Stilton series (about the adventures of a literary mouse), you never get to discuss why targeting the […]

Will eBook subscriptions change publishing?

Martyn Daniels writing for Brave New World: Some would suggest that eBooks have had it easy to date. In the main the industry has merely poured the physical content into the digital container and cried ‘Hey Presto!’ But that could be seen as short-sighted and leaves the door wide open for others to do something […]

On the Author Earnings Report

This has been causing a significant stir this week. Compiled by author Hugh Howey and a sadly unspecified data guru, it’s a report on the present and future of publishing and, in particular, author earnings. It’s a fascinating read and I encourage you to take a look. In the end, it makes a pretty compelling […]

Do we need a postgraduate self-publishing degree?

The University of Central Lancashire in England has launched a new postgraduate course, simply titled, Self-publishing MA. Apparently, it’s the first of its kind. Taken from the the course information, here’s what you get: This course will equip you with all of the necessary skills you will need to be a self-published author including how […]

When is it okay to stop reading a book?

It’s always okay to stop reading a book. For some reason, we often feel obliged to carry on, even when we’re not enjoying it, but there really is no obligation. I’ve abandoned three books already this year and I’m about to do so again. Here’s when I think it’s okay to jump ship.

Favourites as likes

How do you use Twitter favourites? I’ve never been sure what to do with them. I tried favouriting tweets that contain interesting links, like a built-in bookmarking system, but I never went back to check those tweets, because I have Pinboard and Instapaper for that kind of thing.

Keep your writing app open

There are many techniques and methodologies and goodness knows what else that claim to help you with your productivity. For writers, there is often a battle to get started, but the keeping going, that’s also tough, what with all those pesky distractions. This year, I’m trying a new approach to writing fiction and it goes […]