A lack of slack

When I was a teenager, my mum would often yell at me, ‘Don’t run upstairs like a bloody elephant!’ She said that I would ‘come through the ceiling’. I knew this to be nonsense and so ignored her. For twenty-something years I was right to do so, but then two Mondays ago I went and […]

How to convert a Google Doc to Markdown or HTML

There is no easy way to quickly convert a Google Doc into Markdown or HTML using Google’s built-in tools. This reality previously made me sad on a near-daily basis. Just thinking about all those hours lost to copy and pasting into other apps, fixing formatting problems and reinserting links brings a tear to my eye. […]

Keep your writing app open

There are many techniques and methodologies and goodness knows what else that claim to help you with your productivity. For writers, there is often a battle to get started, but the keeping going, that’s also tough, what with all those pesky distractions. This year, I’m trying a new approach to writing fiction and it goes […]