3 May 2013

Chris Gonzales’ writing setup

Big ups to the massive to Chris Gonzales for sharing his writing setup with us. Nice to see some good Windows usage and suggestions.

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Dave Caolo’s writing setup

Please welcome professional scribbler and all-round good egg, Dave Caolo, who has kindly offered to tell us all about his writing setup. You can find other writing setups right here.

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18 February 2013

Stephen Hackett’s writing setup

The latest edition of my writing setups series comes from Stephen Hackett, writer and founder of the tremendous 512 Pixels blog and podcast, and fellow 70 Decibels gang member. Here he is with a minimal writing machine tale that I can more than relate to.

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  • DG shed01
  • DG studio 01

David Griffin’s writing setup

This is the second installment of my new writing setup series, where I ask writers of all shapes and sizes to share the tools they use to do their work. Big thank you to David Griffin for submitting his setup.

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My outdoor desk in 2009
2 January 2013

Iain Broome’s writing setup

This is the first post in a new series here on Write for Your Life, where I ask writers of all shapes and sizes to tell us about their writing setup. Everyone will answer the same five questions. The idea came from The Setup, which is excellent.

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