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Everybody who joins the Club will gain access to the same perks for either just $2 a month or $20 a year. It runs on the excellent Gumroad platform, which means it’s all super secure and you can join wherever you live.

Here’s what you get in return... 


Shelflife Quotebook

A frequently updated, searchable directory of quotes from (and links to) great articles from around the web. Every time I find something that I think you should read, it will go into the Quotebook for you to discover. I’ll be your personal bookmarking service. Imagine that. 

Shelflife Feedly Collection

I use Feedly to sift through dozens of blogs and websites. Now you can read what I read. I add and remove stuff all the time, but there are currently 46 feeds split into the following categories: writing, publishing, and inspiration. 


Members-only podcast

Every week or so, I sit down with a mug of hot liquid and talk to you about a specific topic. Writing. Publishing. Parenting. Whatever. There are three episodes for you so far, which cover how I create the newsletter, my book of 2016, and how to get published. 


Shelflife Goody Bag

Every now and again, I add something exciting to the Shelflife Goody Bag, a library of files that you can access whenever you want. It’s where the podcast lives, but you’ll also see other nuggets that might well take your fancy, like audio stories, reading lists and more. 


Sound good?

Shelflife Club is your chance to directly support the work that goes into putting the newsletter together. Email hello@iainbroome.com if you have any questions.

Otherwise, see you inside....