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How do you use Twitter favourites? I’ve never been sure what to do with them. I tried favouriting tweets that contain interesting links, like a built-in bookmarking system, but I never went back to check those tweets, because I have Pinboard and Instapaper for that kind of thing.
I tried favouriting tweets that featured some pithy sentence or quotable message that I could use later on in a blog post, but I never went back to check those tweets, because I have nvALT for that kind of thing.

I tried ignoring the favouriting system completely. That worked pretty well.

And then I read this tweet by Hannah Nicklin:

Since faves got notifications, I’ve used them like FB likes – a very human thing; ‘I don’t really have a response but acknowledge your words’

I liked that idea and that’s now how I use Twitter favourites. It’s a social network, after all. I like getting notifications that tell me someone thought my tweet was worth favouriting.

Used sparingly, a favourite feels like a nice thing to give and receive.

  1. I think you’re right about favoriting a Tweet. It is a nice gesture. It made my day when you Favorited one of my Tweets. I use the Favorite button much like FB’s LIKE button, but have found that I’m much stricter with my use of the Fave than with the LIKE. If something is cute/funny/interesting on FB, I’ll probably LIKE it. But something has to really ring true with me personally before I’ll Favorite it.

  2. I use them as bookmarks for things I want to read later when I’m on a mobile device, then read when on laptop then I’ll unfavourite them when read. When on laptop, I use Instapaper or add to bookmarks.

    1. That seems like a sensible way of doing the bookmarking thing. I found I wasn’t going back and revisiting the links I’d favourited, and that managing bookmarks in more than one place was a bit of a bind. I guess it’s what works that’s important!

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