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Hello everyone. Just a quick one to acknowledge that those of you who are subscribed to the site via the RSS feed are still seeing posts come through from Write for Your Life and not, well, Iain Broome. Of course, it doesn’t affect the actual content of the posts, but you may want to change it so that you can sleep at night.
Sadly, the only way to do that is to unsubscribe (noooo!) and then resubscribe to the feed (yeah!). I’ve tried everything my end, but apparently this is the only way it can be done. Thanks to Captain Hackett for the information.

That’s it! Have a lovely weekend.

  1. I am confused. didn’t you change your site to:

    So then why is your resubcription link:

    Shouldn’t it have iainbroome in it, and not writeforyourlife? In fact, your long-time rss subscribers are presumably already subscribed via a writeforyourlife link, since writeforyourlife is the old domain.

    1. Hi Ed. I know it seems completely daft, but I’m not allowed (by Feedburner) to change the sign up URL, as it would break the feed. And yet changing the feed title, which I am allowed to do, only works for new subscribers, hence the need for people to resubscribe if they want the correct ‘From’ field. It’s ludicrous and if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have picked Feedburner. I might look at doing a wholesale (and terrifying) switch to something else in the future. Sorry!

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