8 July 2011

#16: For love or money: what motivates you to write?

In this episode of the Write for Your Life podcast I chat with Manuela Boyle about why we write and what motivates people to start scribbling. I have to add that I do take the conversation into a discussion about self-publishing, and I’m not sure I explain my points very clearly, but I promise you I always mean well!

Big thanks to our contributions from Twitter too, where various people offered their thoughts on what motivates them to write. Kudos to: @oliminnwrite @amahnke @matthew_mella @b3n3llis @davecaolo @smarterbits @bubblecow @revhappiness @imyke @cptnrandy @patrickrhone.

Finally, Manuela talked about her favourite thing this week, which is poet Heather Christie who has offered potential buyers the chance to phone her up and get a poem read over the telewaves! Marvellous.

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Show notes

The Trees, The Trees
Poet creates ‘buzz’ around work by reading over phone to potential buyers


  1. Easy answer, both!! I am a writer because I love writing. I do some writing for paying clients so I can live the life I want. I do some writing for awesome friends out of love.

    • I guess I’m the same really, for all my bluster. I write for money during the day and then work on fiction in the evening because I darned well dig it.

  2. I’ve always written for my own pleasure. I’ve shared a few short stories with others, but it’s only in the last 2-3 years that I’ve taken steps to start selling my work. I doubt that I’ll ever be in a position to give up the day job, but writing has always been (and hopefully will continue to be) something that I do for love.

    • I think that it’s important to always keep that in mind, even if you do go on to be successful and make decent money from writing. Good luck!

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