6 December 2012

New year, new job

After what will be three months of babies, more babies, and an actually pretty decent stab at being a freelance writer, from the beginning of January I’ll be back in full-time employment.

Last week I was offered what I think is an exciting and interesting position at Sheffield Hallam University. I will be a Research Associate in Digital Communications, part of a brand new Interaction Design team, which is in turn part of C3RI, the University’s largest research institute.

It’s an exciting role because it brings together the work I previously did at The Workshop with everything I’ve learnt in my spare time. Like how to set up and run a relatively successful blog and podcast. Oh, hello! On a personal level, with 10-week old twins in the house, the security is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Lastly, this job should also give me chance to start focusing my attention on the thing I love the most: writing fiction. I can’t wait for Christmas with my new family, and January feels like a fresh start all round. I’m fair looking forward to it.


  1. Charlotte

    Well done you, sounds like a very exciting opportunity!

  2. Congratulations Iain! That sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you, ideally suited to your skills. And as you say, the security will be lovely for a while given those beautiful babies in the house.

    Good luck with the fiction writing in the new year.

  3. Diane Challenor

    I’m so pleased and relieved for you. The new job sounds really interesting. Best wishes.

  4. Iain Broome (Author)

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!

  5. Congratulations, Iain! That’s wonderful news and I wish you all the best with your new job! Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas. :)

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