On picking up a Coventry Inspiration Book Award 2014

 Here I am looking all serious. I am happy inside.
Here I am looking all serious. I am happy inside.

I travelled to Coventry last Wednesday to pick up my Inspiration Book Award for A is for Angelica, which won in the Word of Mouth category.

It was a fantastic ceremony and far grander than I expected, although what my expectations were based on, I have no idea. But I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. It was particularly pleasing to have won an award that was voted for by real readers. And to have fought off fellow nominees like Alan Bennett, Markus Zusak and Barbara Kingsolver. That’s pretty cool too.

Winning the award just shows the importance of getting out there and doing events as an author. If I hadn’t gone to Coventry to do a small event last year, I wouldn’t even have been nominated. There’s nothing quite like speaking to readers face-to-face.

Anyway, you can read more about the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards in this online piece for the Coventry Telegraph. I’m the one at the back standing next to the mayor. Not that one. The other side.

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