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Featured in the ‘new and noteworthy’ section of iTunes and having reached number three in the ‘Arts’ chart, the podcast is recorded and published weekly with trusty co-host, poet and copywriter, Donna Sørensen.

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Iain Broome and Donna Sørensen

Your hosts, Iain Broome and Donna Sørensen

Season three

The current run sees me entering a brave new world, what with being a published author and having been thrust simultaneously into fatherhood, a new job and writing a second novel.

  • #106: Has it really been a big year? 29 December 2013Iain’s new large print book cover; highs and lows of the last 12 months; making plans for 2014.
  • #105: I think I’ve covered all my bits 19 December 2013Keeping up with the publishing industry; tips and tools for finding and reading on the web.
  • #104: A sense of otherness 30 November 2013What makes a creative person creative?; the contradictions of being a writer; when is your short story ready for becoming a novel?
  • #103: The mother of all headaches 18 November 2013Being interviewed about your work; how much about ourselves we should share online; publishing novellas and short fiction.
  • #102: More than just a hobby 11 November 2013Being an author and having a full-time job; how day jobs have an effect on our creative writing; knowing when you’ve found your writing voice.
  • #101: Room 101 1 November 2013Iain and Donna choose their writing, reading and publishing pet peeves, from errors in books to whinging publishing people.
  • #100: I was there and I did it 24 October 2013Celebrating 100 episodes of the podcast; reading habits and choosing what to read next; recommended episodes from the past.
  • #99: Not a happy bunny 17 October 2013Recording cock-up coverage; Eleanor Catton wins Man Booker Prize 2013; fiction slam, negative feedback and how to handle it.
  • #98: Spoilerations 10 October 2013Donna’s book launch; poetry, context and difficult reading; Game of Thrones and book spoilers; Alice Munro, nobel prize winner.
  • #97: Resize my jpegs 30 September 2013Getting started with writing; ideas versus planning; the advantages and disadvantages of writing groups.
  • #96: Throwing tripe at a wall 12 September 2013The author who sued her publisher; the Man Booker Prize 2013 shortlist; the most stylish people in literature; taking on too many projects.
  • #95: The Greatest Poet 5 September 2013Seamus Heaney’s death; being bashful book marketing; Iain nominated for Coventry Inspiration Book Awards.
  • #94: I feel like Miss World 30 August 2013Dream Country launched; Donna’s writing journey, from hobby to publication; also available in video flavour.
  • #93: The fleshy middle 22 August 2013Famous authors’ writing tools; YouTube and the sluggish publishing industry; supporting your writing through Patreon.
  • #92: Performing in tents 15 August 2013Performing at Wilderness Festival; pros and cons of book trailers; planning and structuring your writing.
  • #91: Try it with infiltration 8 August 2013Writing events and prizes; not being an expert in the subject you’re writing about; identity and character names.
  • #90: You know that no one said that 1 August 2013The ups and downs of writing advice; maintaining your mystique as a writer; Joyce Carol Oates writing tips for, inevitably, writers.
  • #89: Her friends call her Bobby G 18 July 2013JK Rowling outed as Robert Galbraith; social accountability and following through with projects.
  • #88: You didn’t laugh the first time 14 July 2013On whether it’s right to abandon a book; the bestselling books of 2013 so far; sharing writing ideas before they’re ready.
  • #87: Don’t say virginity again 4 July 2013Publishing and franchises; should publishers still be hunting for those megabucks books; how much should we read into the minutiae of our favourite books?
  • #86: Me and Famous Seamus 27 June 2013The difficult business of publishing poetry; publishers and (a lack of) innovation; online profiles for authors.
  • #85: Did you see The Fonz? 21 June 2013Performing your writing in front of an audience; reasons not to be a writer; inevitably, reasons to be a writer.
  • #84: Find your Egyptian dentist 7 June 2013Chimpanzees and Thomas Hardy’s grave; being creative when you’re busy; innovative ways to promote your book.
  • #83: 50 Shades of Wotsits 30 May 2013Welcome Donna Sørensen, new cost host; do productivity-based writing apps work?; barriers to going all digital with your reading.
  • #82: Novellas and unconventional routes to publication 16 May 2013How to write short fiction; differences between a novel and novella; Shawn’s unusual route to publication.
  • #81: Author envy and what to do with it 2 May 2013The idea of author envy; why do writers always assume that the grass is always greener?; avoiding author envy.
  • #80: Freelance writing with a full-time job 18 April 2013How freelance writers present themselves online; about pages, Twitter profiles and personal websites.
  • #79: Do we need women only writing prizes? 12 April 2013I’m joined by Donna Sørensen to talk about literary prizes for female authors. It’s a conversation that leads to all sorts of related topics, including assumptions, perceptions, and how women are represented in the publishing world. It’s fair to say that this is meant as a conversation starter and we’d love to hear your thoughts ...
  • #78: Writing that second novel 4 April 2013I’m joined by author Lily Dunn whose fantastic debut novel, Shadowing the Sun, was published in 2008. We chat about the various trials and tribulations that come with writing a second novel, especially when parenthood comes along at the same time. Other topics include the publishing process, working with a mentor, and taking a postgraduate ...
  • #77: Performing, writing, editing, and going through the change 22 March 2013This week I’m joined by Nathan Filer, whose hotly anticipated debut novel, The Shock of the Fall, is published by HarperCollins in May. We cover lots of topics, hence the catch-all episode title, but the general theme is about how we both got published and the effect publication has on you as an author and ...
  • #76: Writing about places 17 March 2013I’m joined by poet and copywriter, Donna Sørensen, to talk about the effect of place on writing. From bizarre road accidents in Dublin to starling murmurations in Somerset, where we live and what we see on our travels has a huge impact on what we write about. How does where we come from affect how ...
  • #75: The blog is dead, long live the podcast 8 March 2013I fly solo this week and have an important announcement to make! I also talks about Chat Broome, my exciting new podcast project, and put the blogging world to rights with what is very close to being a rant or diatribe. Well, it’s not really, but there are some important points to consider if you’re ...
  • #74: Writing and making a success of serial fiction 21 February 2013This week I’m joined by Sean Platt, respected blogger and co-author of several highly successful pieces of serial fiction, including Yesterday’s Gone and Available Darkness. Sean talks about how he came to write serial fiction, his philosophy on writing, and the last 15 minutes is a fascinating insight into the trials and tribulations of blogging ...
  • #73: Being an author and public speaking 17 February 2013This week, I’m joined by Robert Mills, design studio manager, copywriter, and author of Designing the Invisble. Having recently begun speaking at conferences about his work and book, Rob is in the perfect position to chat about being an author and speaking in public. It’s one thing writing your thoughts down and quite another to ...
  • #72: The Pageturner Prize and working with a literary agent 7 February 2013I’m joined by Sophie Lambert, Director at Tibor Jones & Associates and my very own literary agent. Sophie talks about the role of an agent, what it’s often like for an author to work with an agent these days, and the sort of expectations publishers have for your manuscript. She also tells us about the ...
  • #71: Sweating commas and writing for the web 31 January 2013This week Iain is joined by Jason Rehmus, founder of Sweating Commas, a spiffy new editorial service for bloggers and the like. Topics covered include the Sweating Commas subscription model and why you need to think professionally and check before you publish. There’s even a little time at the end to talk about pet peeves, ...
  • #70: Writing setups and why we love them 4 January 2013I’m reunited with Myke for this, the first episode of the Write for Your Life podcast in 2013. We talk about writing setups, including why we like other people’s so much and what impact they have on our work. I also talk about my new writing setups series on the Write for Your Life blog ...
  • #69: 21 lessons learned from four years of blogging 21 December 2012I fly solo this week to celebrate four years of Write for Your Life by sharing some of the blogging lessons I’ve learned in that time. From taking it seriously to sticking at it, not making money and meeting ace people, there should be plenty in it for bloggers and writers of all shapes and ...
  • #68: A guide to rights for published and independent authors 14 December 2012This week I’m joined by Hannah Shepperd, Creative Director at IPR License, who’s here to tell us about rights and how they affect all authors, whether published tradionally or independently. It’s fascinating stuff and an important topic that all writers should try and get to understand. This is the perfect place to start. Look out ...
  • #67: How to take your writing seriously 7 December 2012This week’s Iain is joined by Joanna Penn, author of the Arkane series of thrillers and ace blogger over at The Creative Penn. Iain and Joanna talk about their writing plans for 2013 and provide seven ways that you can start to take your writing more seriously in the coming year. It’s an episode packed ...
  • #66: Writing for children 3 December 2012This week Iain is joined by widely-published children’s author and his real-life mother-in-law, Kathryn White. Kathryn talks about how she started writing for children, why she likes using animals as characters, and provides an insight into her writing process. Lots of good advice and a must listen to anyone with an interest in children’s fiction. ...
  • #65: Prolificness and why we should never say should 23 November 2012In this week’s episode of the Write for Your Life podcast, Iain is joined by author, Emma Newman, to talk about suspect writing advice and prolificness. If you’ve ever read that you absolutely MUST write 1000 words every day and it’s made you want to break down and cry, this is the episode for you. ...
  • #64: New dawns 16 November 2012The Write for Your Life podcast is back! In this first episode of season three, I talk to Myke about my life-changing last six weeks, which include one published novel, two newborn babies and one stinky, fat redundancy. Myke also says something inexplicable about octopuses, but don’t worry about that. Oh yeah, book signings too! ...

Season two

In February 2012 the podcast joined the 70Decibels network and season two was born. Most episodes feature just me and Myke Hurley, but a few guests popped up along the way too. As it happened, this season tracked my journey from getting a publisher to the launch of A is for Angelica.

Season one

Season one of the podcast was recorded in dribs and drabs pre-70Decibels. I had a variety of guests and even did a handful of shows all on my own. Some good stuff in there. Have a listen around.

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