How to use Cueprompter – a free autocue service

What you get here is a very rough and ready overview of a free online autocue/teleprompter service called Cueprompter. It’s a very simple, nifty little tool that I think you might be able to use in your writing.
The podcast features a short screencast in the middle where I show you how Cueprompter works. It might not be fantastically clear quality-wise, but it should be enough to give you an idea of what Cueprompter is all about.

Also, look out for yet another kitten-related incident towards the end of the podcast. I had no idea she was hiding back there, the little scamp.

How do you use yours?

In this podcast, I give you some thoughts on how you might use Cueprompter in your writing. However, the beauty of all these free tools is that we can each take from them what we need and use them in whatever way takes our fancy.

With that in mind, I’d be really interested to read your thoughts on how you might use Cueprompter. Is it something you use already? Is an autocue something you’ve ever considered before? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Watch this episode on Vimeo

  1. @Tumblmoose That’s exceptionally kind of you to say so, thank you. I want to try and use whatever method seems most appropriate for whatever it is I’m trying to get across, but I do think video helps inject a little extra personality into proceedings!

  2. “I do think video helps inject a little extra personality into proceedings!”
    Yea it does! I imagined you to be an older man smoking a pipe rambling about his writing. Look how young and attractive you are!

    Ok, back to the post, all very useful. I was just thinking there must be something like this on the internet. Now I can just start using it instead of searching google.

    Thanks for all your effort and ideas.


  3. That certainly looks like a good service, and one I’ll be sure to look further into, Iain.
    Loved the pod/videocast by the way, a nicely home-made feel that only adds to the genuineness of this blog.


  4. @Jerriann Well now that is kind. I’m glad you like the blog and feel free to come back and let us know how you get on with Cueprompter. Now where’s my snuff box?
    Matt Yes, it was rather more homemade than I intended, but as long as the message gets across, that’s the main thing, I think. Let me know if you find Cueprompter useful.

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