21 December 2012

#69: 21 lessons learned from four years of blogging

I fly solo this week to celebrate four years of Write for Your Life by sharing some of the blogging lessons I’ve learned in that time. From taking it seriously to sticking at it, not making money and meeting ace people, there should be plenty in it for bloggers and writers of all shapes and sizes. Headphones on. Get listening.

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  1. Like you Iain I have been blogging for about 4 years and while sitting on the cab rank I listened to your podcast. Your blogging tips were excellent, if prospective blog writers follow all of them they will save themselves a lot of trouble, not to say heartache.
    One thing though, I like to guess how long will it be before the ‘A’ word is spoken, and this podcast was an Angelica free zone. Please rectify that for next week.

  2. I just discovered your blog and this was the first podcast I listened to (or was allowed to listen to, given the general noise level of children and Christmas!). Just wanted to say I really enjoyed it and, as a new blogger, found it very useful. Happy New Year!

    • Iain Broome (Author)

      Hi Jen, and welcome! That’s great to know that you enjoyed the podcast and even better that it’s useful for your blogging. Check out the back catalogue!

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