8 March 2013

#75: The blog is dead, long live the podcast

I fly solo this week and have an important announcement to make! I also talks about Chat Broome, my exciting new podcast project, and put the blogging world to rights with what is very close to being a rant or diatribe. Well, it’s not really, but there are some important points to consider if you’re a writer and you’re thinking of setting up your own blog. Oooh, statistics! I also talk statistics. Not many people do that. It’s a big one folks. Get your headphones!

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  1. Interesting podcast,. I run a couple of blogs – one for my business and another as a more general writing platform – and yes, it does sometimes seem a drain. When I merged the business blog into the site during a redesign last year, I decided to post monthly on that to take some pressure off my writing time. I tend to post a couple of times a week on my writing blog but some weeks that’s hard when life is attempting to drag me away or inspiration just isn’t popping up its head. I agree that what we put out there has to be true to us, reflect who we are. Congratulations on your decision. I’ll continue to listen.

  2. Iain, I began following your blog when you had the writers network and even when I didn’t go to the blog I would see your posts via 9Rules where my blog is listed too. I’m interested in podcasts and web radio but I almost never settle down to watch them. For one thing, I still remember how awful they used to be – not loading at all, freezing, crashing the web browser and all that stopping and starting (which some still do!). I also have found I can only watch limited video type posts before I get an extra charge on the bill from my ISP for bandwidth used. So, I’m not yet keen on anything which comes in a bloated file. For this reason I think you are rushing in on the idea of blogs being dead. I would still prefer to read your post – I haven’t opened the file to hear it.

  3. Totally agree with you. I’m a fan of blogging when there’s something I want to write about rather than X times a week. I think there’s a general issue of too little original content usually signalled by a title like ’7 ways to…’ which churn round received wisdom.
    I think people have been told that they need to build a ‘platform’ and, because they’re writers, they make a decent fist of it but very few articles are genuinely insightful and sometimes I feel I’m swimming in a sea of advice.
    I love podcasts as I can listen to them when I’m travelling, gardening and I think there’s much more richness in the words when delivered with a human voice. Good decision.

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