Top blogs for writers that I’m reading right now

As awards season comes round, here are three writing blog suggestions for you to check out and enjoy.

The annual top 10 blogs for writers contest is taking place at the moment, which is marvellous, but rather than talk about why you should vote for this blog, I’m going to point you towards three others that I’m currently reading and enjoying tremendously.
As I say in the clip, theses annual awards are extremely handy and usually provide a list of smashing blogs. But everyone’s top ten is different and the truth is, there can never be a definitive list. We all want different things from our writing-related reading material.

But please, please, please don’t think I’m having a go at the awards or that there’s an ulterior motive. As I say in the clip, the 2008 list was really valuable and helped me when I set up Write for Your Life. I guess I just don’t feel very comfortable writing a post specifically to tell you to tell someone else how awesome we are.

The top blogs I’m reading etc…

First up I’d like to point you to Bubblecow. It’s a great blog for writers, particularly fiction folk who want to learn more about the publishing industry and what it takes to get your work noticed. Practical advice. Nice people. Lovely stuff.

Second, run by James Bridle. James is something of an expert on technology and the publishing industry and speaks at events all over the world. His blog is a treat and hugely interesting, as are the links he provides to articles elsewhere. Go looksee.

Finally, the wonderful First Today, Then Tomorrow by Randy Murray. Not always writing-related, but consistently thought provoking, this is a great blog updated daily. Randy’s writing assignments are fantastic. Hugely recommended.

And that’s it. Of course, I’m reading lots of other blogs at the moment too (many not writing-related actually), but they’re the three I want you to visit and get an eyeful of right now. Watch the episode for more detail!

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7 Comments 19 November 2010 Reply

Thanks for including me in this group.
I was particularly pleased with the phrase, “knows his onions”!

Randy 19 November 2010 Reply

No problem! And indeed I do tend to throw a few Britishisms in there without thinking about my transatlantic pals!

Anonymous 19 November 2010 Reply

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Iain Broome, Randy Murray. Randy Murray said: @iainbroome I'm honored and touched by being including of your list of 3 top blogs for writers. Thank you. […] 29 November 2010 Reply

Nice little list – have subscribed to all of them, and looking forward to seeing what the top ten blogs will be! 30 November 2010 Reply

Thanks for the hint Iain, the contest is exciting and it’s great to read what’s around to be able to vote. I’m still a young blog so I have loads to learn from these. Great!
I discovered your blog not long ago and I’m starting to follow your posts which I find not only good but entertaining; and that’s something some bloggers forget about: hey, we are writing for the public, not for ourselves! So, well done Iain 🙂

Will keep reading! 1 December 2010 Reply

Welcome and thank you for the very kind words!!!

Anonymous 24 November 2011 Reply

[…] awards season again. While I generally disapprove of this kind of thing and may or may not have previously referred to the competition as a willy-waving contest, I do appreciate its ability to provide exposure to people and websites that writers may not […]

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