How it feels to get your writing published for the first time

In this episode, Iain talks to poet Donna Sorenson about how it feels to be a published poet, her writing journey so far and what pitfalls to expect.

There are so many writers either just starting out or right in the middle of their quest to get published. But what does it feel like when you eventually get there and how do you keep your feet on the ground?
In this episode I chat to Donna Sørensen, who started writing poetry this time last year and ended 2010 with four of her poems published in a range of literary journals. We talk about the highs, the lows and the feeling you get when it all comes together.

You can also download an audio version of this episode, if that’s more your bag. All feedback on the format of this episode more than welcome.

About Donna Sørensen

Donna Sørensen has spent most of the last 10 years living around Europe and North America. She currently lives in Dublin and works as Events and Publicity Manager for The O’Brien Press, having previously worked at the Irish Writers’ Centre. Her poems have appeared in Southword, Wordlegs and will appear in next issues of Poetry Ireland Review and The Stinging Fly.


Anonymous 7 January 2011 Reply

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Iain Broome. Iain Broome said: How it feels to get your writing published for the first time […]

Anonymous 8 January 2011 Reply

Thank you both for sharing- this was a great listen! Good luck Donna! 9 January 2011 Reply

No problem, glad you enjoyed and got something out of our chat. And yes, good luck Donna! 11 January 2011 Reply

I follow you by email and have wanted to leave comments on previous posts, but only now (with husband help) have I worked out how to do so.Anyway, I loved the format – I could really engage with you both and it gave a pleasing balance of professional and human.
My personal tip is to write, ‘If I had the confidence, I would..’; then do it without the confidence! It’s the hardcore way, but it cuts through procrastination. 11 January 2011 Reply

Hi Lunar and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. and for the kind words! you’re absolutely right about needing to not worry about a lack of confidence and just get on with it. Pretty much every writer struggles with slef-belief from time to time – it comes with the territory – but it’s so important to put that to one side and stick to your guns.
Thanks again and good luck!

Anonymous 25 January 2011 Reply

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Anonymous 1 April 2011 Reply

[…] in January, I had a delightful chat with Iain about what it feels like to be published for the first time. I was deliriously high at the time, riding the upward crest of the endless ‘Happy Face! Sad […]

Anonymous 14 June 2011 Reply

[…] That means that you don’t have to worry about writing something more substantial before getting your work out there. In theory, a brand new writer can write on single story, start ECASM straight away and be successful. […]

Anonymous 17 March 2013 Reply

[…] How it feels to get your writing published for the first time […]

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