While Write for Your Life has been Write for Your Life since Write for Your Life began, I’ve meddled and muddled along with my personal site for some time. Partly to learn about WordPress and other platforms and partly because the traffic was always low enough to experiment, it never had a permanent home.
Until now.

Introducing Broomeshtick

In this episode I officially launch broomeshtick.com, what I’m calling an online museum for writers, plus things I’ve made and done. That means it features links, images and information for writers interspersed with updates on my own writing.

I’ve been posting to Broomeshtick regularly for the last couple of months and there’s some great stuff on there already.

While Write for Your Life provides lengthy articles and in-depth chit-chat about writing, Broomeshtick is my own personal commentary on the publishing industry and what it means to be a writer.

And things are going well. People are subscribing in numbers and the traffic is pretty good. So, I urge you, head over to Broomeshtick now and either subscribe to the RSS feed or pop it in your bookmarks. I like to think it’s the sort of place you can stop by and hang out every couple of days, just to see what’s going on.

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