I was interviewed recently by The Book Salon, a smashing site for writers and readers. It’s the first interview I’ve done in a while and it gave me chance to reflect on the various, mostly baby-related, changes in my life this last year.
I encourage you to head over and read the full interview, but to whet your appetite, here are some brief titbits.

On a good writing day:

There’s really nothing like putting a paragraph together that you know is just right. The tricky bit, of course, is stitching all those paragraphs together. That comes later.

On thinking like a writer:

People get so hung up on labels – now more than ever – and I’ve never really seen the point. Much better that we get on with what we do and let our work do its thing.

On having an ideal reader:

There are plenty of authors, published or otherwise, who openly admit to writing for a specific audience because it’s where the market is. I can’t think of anything worse.

There you go. Now read the rest and don’t forget, you’re welcome to ask questions or say nice things to me on Twitter at any time.