Tom Evans recently interviewed me twice for The Zone Show, an audio/video extravaganza that came about via Tom’s book, The Zone. The book is all about how we get ourselves into various states (zones) to do our best (and worst) work. In my interviews, Tom asks me about my writing and performing.

You can listen to the first episode, where I talk about how I came to write A is for Angelica, on Audioboo.

In the second interview, also on Audioboo, I talk about how I prepare and feel about performing my work in public.

Tom kindly allowed me to post both episdoes to SoundCloud as part of my Very Meta podcast. Listen to episode one here, and listen to episode two right here.

You can also head to The Zone Show to find out more about Tom and his work, plus watch/listen to other authors and creative types talking about their creative processes.